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Company Profile

Data Driven Associates LLC was formed in 2020 to fill the gap of the 'Data Driven Connector'. People who:

  1. ​Have international pharma and / or medical device supply chain and data analytics experience.

  2. Are expert implementers ensuring solutions work in practice - not just on paper.

  3. Know the devil is in the details but can summarize topics for management.

  4. Are curious, ask great questions, clarify, and connect the dots with data.

  5. Demonstrate a genuine desire to help others become more productive.

  6. See regulatory constraints as opportunities to innovate.

  7. Understand risk but never cut corners.

  8. Have a GST mindset and get results.

  9. Never stop learning

In addition to specific projects, DDA LLC frequently gets asked to fill interim program roles or to team up with other consulting companies (associates) as part of multi-year digital transformation initiatives.

Meet David Finlay

Consultant – Supply Chain, Data & Regulatory Projects 
Business Owner, Data Driven Associates LLC

  • Born in Ireland. Studied in Germany. Dual citizenship Ireland-US.

  • Supply Chain guy by trade ... Data guy by necessity! Worked in industry until 2020 and consulting since.

  • Has an MBA, and started a PhD in Information Quality in 2022 , likely ongoing through 2027

  • Holds certifications in Supply Chain, (CPIM, DDLP), Business Relationship Management (BRMP), and Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP).

  • Subscribes to the idea that people want to do a good job but are enabled or disabled by data quality, IT systems, & functional attitudes to collaboration.

  • Spent 16 years working for Siemens, moving countries 3 times.

  • Enjoys working cross-functionally and internationally to improve processes.

  • Is a sometimes SAP Super User, Trainer, and Test Manager.

  • Outside of work and study: collects electronic music, and makes cocktails.

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