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Current Offerings for 2023 / 2024

SCM Project Management
Matches as metaphor for the product lifecycle

SCM Project Management

  • SCM <-> RA intersection topics.

  • X-site /Function coordination.

  • Warehouse /Inventory Transfers.

  • Labeling /Artwork Changes.

  • Implementing milestone dashboards.

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Product Master Data Management during product phase-in and phase-out.

  • Data Quality assessments with option coordinated issue remediation.

  • Product launch process reviews.

  • Guidance on creation and maintenance of custom attributes and hierarchies.

SAP Enhancements

  • IVD & Pharma-specific know-how applied to help you realize efficiency gains.

  • Collaborative idea generation, business case presentation overseeing IT dev, coordinating testing, training, documentation and cutover support.

Turning Data into Useful Information

- Turning Data into Useful Information fueling modern supply chains -

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